This is what the workplace of the future will look like

New Work has become an integral part of every working environment. Behind the new-fashioned sounding term lies a whole series of basic principles for the content and visual design of the workplace of the future.

Living in harmony, there is something very spiritual about this wisdom and yet there is so much truth in it. More and more people no longer want to live to work, but to work to live. Reversing the work mentality of a worker bee to a balanced employee who not only knows but also experiences the concept of work-life balance is a challenge for every company. But also one that is worthwhile, because without balance there is no satisfaction and work performance suffers enormously.

Creating external working environments that fit the workplace of the future

That is why many companies today are facing up to the changing times as a matter of course and are offering new work concepts that are intended to contribute to the satisfaction and thus the performance of their employees. What usually seems easier is the redesign of the working environment. Everything should be inviting and friendly. Cosy offices, small kitchens for free snacks and drinks are just as welcome as small recreational corners to relax in during breaks. Whatever can be found and is at the top of the wish list will be offered. The move away from pure office work towards home offices has also contributed to the change. Where there is a lack of employees, there is much less need for office space. What is more in demand are meeting rooms where staff can get together regularly for meetings. Flexibility is everything. Adjustable walls or integrable cubes, for example, can expand or contain space depending on what is needed at the moment.

Retrofitting also internally

In addition to the external design features for the workplace of the future, which adapt to the changing circumstances of the New Work employee, there must also be proper internal improvements. The new working environments must be integrated. It is not necessary to create freely available work quotas every day, but more work processes must take place. Whether in individual or team work is, of course, up to the planning and content. Those who have goals and work on them creatively also achieve something and are happy about the success. Since employees are often no longer in the office every day, the supervisor has to formulate tasks and find a time frame that also meets the new requirements. This is certainly a big change for both sides, but also one that creates confidence in oneself and progress for the entire company.

The workplace of the future needs new forms of communication

For this to work, new forms of internal exchange are needed. Where many colleagues can only be found sporadically in the office, modern means of communication are needed to close this gap to a certain extent. These can be smartphones or contact via email, but they can also be virtual meetings and workplaces where everyone has access after registering and can work together on projects. These systems have the great advantage that changes can be made in real time. In addition, the exchange is easy. Documents can also be filed there and can be stored securely in a cloud. For all this to work smoothly, employees need access and the appropriate software, of course. But that alone is not enough. They also need to know how to use it. Education, training, team meetings and joint activities can help to close knowledge gaps and at the same time maintain a sense of community, no matter where someone is working or from. Community is a word that gets a lot of attention in the New Work System, because without it, employees would be much less effective. They need feedback from colleagues and superiors, including their criticism and praise. Without it, it is difficult to stay on the ball and be motivated for all the demands that await you in the workplace of the future.

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