Large Projects

As an experienced general contractor, we are also destined to take on some of the most challenging large-scale projects. In consultation with our clients, we find solutions, plan rigorously, reach milestones and achieve our goals on time. We stand for professional services, but it is up to you to decide how much responsibility you want us to take on. Everything is possible. Put us to the test! The first thing is always to get to know each other and to have that initial conversation based on trust.

What we can do for you

Large projects with a high level of complexity require technical excellence and project partnerships. Our goal is joint project success: even in critical phases of the project, we are extremely solution-oriented.

As your partner in design & build, we form a unit that, even in major projects, covers all planning and construction services. From pre-planning to reliable coverage of all trades from building technology, redevelopment, engineering, raw construction, steel construction, fixtures and furnishings, right through to handing over the keys. It’s your decision.

How you benefit from this

As your partner in design & build, we take on all the planning and approval-related challenges, but also those related to deadlines and budget for every project – with the greatest possible transparency for our customers.

This is what we are committed to.
Regarding large-scale projects, the size of our orders actually plays a subordinate role in our design & build process. Over decades, we have refined our sequence of activities and organised them to run in parallel, so that we can actually scale them to any size of project.

Thinking in terms of goals. Acting with top teams. Arrive reliably.

Strong processes - strong results. real.

Creating and Delivering phygital environments.

Creating and Delivering phygital environments.

Tenant fit-out - Individual. Flexible. At a fixed price.

We build interiors with heart & mind.

What makes our work stand out

As an owner-operated company, we have stood for high-quality, reliable construction and real estate services since 1983. That is why real GC is one of the leading providers of solutions within the industry. We implement concepts worldwide, using the experience acquired from a large number of completed projects and the commitment of more than 100 employees.

A personal contact with a competent and committed project team will accompany you through all phases of the project, and with optimised interface management, no information is lost: “a single point of contact, an end-to-end turnkey solution”. Reliability is the top priority – especially when it comes to quality, sticking to the budget or committing to deadlines. Of course, all of this requires detailed knowledge of the industry as it is now and is likely to be in the future to ensure sustainable partnerships with customers. We look forward to completing our work with you at speed, whilst bringing to bear our passion and skills.

Our Services

Design & build

Tailor-made design, exceptional craftsmanship and ecologically sustainable construction services. Design & build stands for holistic project management from the very first idea to the handover of the keys. In this way, we incorporate our construction know-how and expertise into the very start of the planning process.



Our sustainability strategy focuses consistently on managing environmental influences effectively. To this effect, we work with and for our clients to implement the principles of ecology and sustainability during the entire planning and construction phase.



Let's get it started - at real GC, your expansion project is in the best - because experienced - hands. We accompany you from the strategy to the professional, practical implementation.


Workspace concepts

In order for your project to become a performance driver, the workspace strategy starts with a detailed goal analysis. We are responsible for translating your vision into the entire redevelopment of your premises, taking into account the spatial conditions. Ambience, character and corporate culture help create a productive atmosphere.


Architecture & design

It's the design that makes the ambience work and the products stand out. Architecture is conceptual design. And the appearance created gives a first and lasting impression. We would like to grow with you beyond the realms of expectation and reality.


Science of Engineering

Our project engineers are thought leaders and experts in applied technology. We design, develop and engineer within the bounds of physical possibilities. And sometimes beyond.



Benefit from the experience of our teams on more than 3800 projects. We have created virtually all sizes of process architecture for a wide variety of clients. You can rely on real to implement your plans when it comes to expansion targets.



New concepts require new perspectives. As experts in the office and retail sectors and in system catering, we know what is feasible. Furniture requires vision and the best possible choice of materials. We will advise and support you with regard to design, delivery and installation.



Good execution planning needs professional implementation - interior fittings with a high degree of complexity require technical excellence and project partnerships from the initial idea to acceptance. We coordinate your interior construction as general contractor until completion.


Facility management

We support owners and users throughout the entire life cycle of a property. We ensure operational excellence and thus greater user satisfaction, cost efficiency and often significant savings in terms of maintenance and administration.