Fit-out consulting begins with a technical feasibility study of the developed concept. This is where you will receive an initial cost estimate and a differentiated project plan and plan of action. We turn your vision into reality and implement it in a goal-oriented manner. real GC develops attractive work, sales and living areas that delight and inspire. For this to be the case, we need to know and discuss what you want and need from the onset.

With regard to achieving your goals, a precise analysis of your requirements is the prerequisite for a successful project. We always make sure we have a very precise picture of the corporate culture and working methods of our customers. Advice on staging and realigning the most modern concept is essential. This is where you will benefit from our experience with the highest standards in your industry and with design that is both functional and individual. Your ideas will come together with our experience and expertise to develop the optimal design strategy for your work, sales and living spaces.

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