Facility Management

Our range of services is rounded out with services for the full range of building operations. Customers benefit from our expertise, from simple maintenance right through to a comprehensive facilities management concept. real GC Facility Management is versatile and dynamic. Otherwise, we would never have been able to meet the steadily growing demands being placed on building maintenance. We focus on taking the load off our clients with a comprehensive package of services for the landlord, along with constant, up-to-the-minute support for tenant issues.

Professional facility management focuses on the long-term profitability of managed properties over their entire lifecycle. When you choose comprehensive facility management, real provides technical support ranging from building operation to maintenance and repairs, to the uninterrupted collection of usage data. By relying on us, property owners comply with the legal requirements and reduce their usage costs. When it comes to infrastructure, we represent the classic caretaker service. This includes both technical and structural repairs, as well as modernisation measures to security, cleaning, gardening, winter maintenance, and waste disposal services. We even offer vacant property management. In the commercial sector, we take on property management, cost management, contract management and rental management, as well as energy monitoring.