We coordinate the behaviour of our employees and teams, as well as processes and conflict management, through our commitment to corporate governance. This shows our guiding principles, self-image and voluntary commitments, thereby underpinning our commercial integrity.
Clients benefit from our code of corporate governance. This is how we respect and protect the interests of all stakeholders in real General Contracting. First and foremost, this includes our customers and suppliers, but it also extends to public authorities, government agencies, and society in general. The code of corporate governance provides the framework for achieving our business goals. It effectively encompasses all areas of corporate management. The code ranges from action plans and internal monitoring to performance metrics and corporate disclosure.
real General Contracting GmbH is committed to corporate social responsibility. We always act transparently and responsibly, creating a trustworthy foundation for all stakeholders. That is how we stand by corporate responsibility in the economy, society, and the environment. This often goes far beyond statutory requirements, too.
In our company we ensure that the health and safety of our employees and our environmental policy have top priority. We have defined our corporate culture clearly and created a corresponding code of conduct that shapes the actions of all employees.