Feasibility study

Feasibility study

A feasibility study determines if the implementation of projects is possible, especially when the early recognition and assessment of potential risks involved in execution plays a central role. Our engineers and architects determine in advance the work, expense and time needed for execution, thus providing you with a professional basis to make decisions upon regarding the performance of your project.


During the survey, the fire protection and construction infrastructure is recorded for the entire site in addition to the dimensions. The data is then compared against the available draft documentation, documented and analysed to determine the required construction or planning measures.

Lease agreement documentation

The lease agreement is reviewed by our expert team in respect of the contract period and conditions, tenancy-related topics are documented and the relevant points of contact and service boundaries are coordinated with the lessor.

Building permit applications, authorities and construction law

During the project prerequisites clarification phase, we check whether a change-of-use application or building permit application is necessary.
We handle all communication with the authorities on our clients’ behalf, including with the authorities responsible for the protection of monuments, for occupational health & safety, as well as the construction authority.

Pollutant assessment

On the basis of an expert inspection of the site combined with the selective collection and analysis of samples, the potential for pollutant contamination is examined and assessed. The results are documented in a report by our expert and the necessary measures are described.

Fire safety assessment

As a core element of the planning, the existing site is first analysed and assessed in terms of fire safety. The necessary measures for construction are then defined in a fire safety plan. The report takes into account both the overall building concept as well as the projected unit, and depending on the scope and necessity, makes statements on topics such as fire zoning, escape and rescue routes, ventilation facilities, fire alarm systems and building utilities.

Technical building equipment

Our experts examine the state, performance and cost-effectiveness of the property’s technical services specifically in relation to its heating, ventilation and sanitary features. We then perform a detailed analysis of the building utilities in a project-specific catalogue of measures and issue recommendations on whether these should be modified or even replaced, or if other measures appear to be expedient or necessary from a business perspective.

Cost calculation

Following review of the concept planning in terms of its feasibility, assessment of fire safety and pollutant potential, examination of the legal requirements under construction law, and coordination with the relevant points of contact, our team of experts will prepare a valid cost assessment for the planned construction project on our clients’ behalf.