Four strategic priorities

To realize our vision and mission, seize the opportunities in our markets and demonstrate our strengths, our strategy is based on four pillars:

1. Customer portfolio:

Our goal is to win business areas where we differentiate ourselves from our competitors. To do so, we need to expand our engagement in our home markets as well as in new international markets, through the cooperation with Studio Alliance, to better benefit from our local and international expertise (glocal knowledge) and customer contacts. Our customer portfolio consists of four industry solutions, which differ from each other in their business models and long-term focus. We aim to provide our services in the following industry solutions: Office & Business, Tenant Improvement, Hotel & Hospitality, Retail and Public Buildings, while we aim to become the leading European “Design & Build” specialist for commercial real estate development- we manage the projects from the initial design idea through planning to turnkey implementation. We want to guarantee our clients not only the success of their project, but also the completion date and price. We do this either as a general contractor, a general contractor or as a project manager. But always with our own engineers and technicians. We also integrate services or products as well as provided partners and subcontractors into the project process if requested by the customer.

2. Innovation:

Our goal is to perceive the substantial changes in the construction and real estate industry for the benefit of our stakeholders. To this end, we must put all our efforts into any innovation, make the necessary investments and move into rapid implementation. This requires the consistent expansion of technologies in the field of digital construction and BIM.

3. Profitable growth:

Our goal is to grow profitably, increase margins and gain further market share. That is why we must focus on business areas with higher profitability and market potential by further expanding individual business areas while reshaping others to align them with profitability and market potential. Leading in cost efficiency is of particular importance to improve our margins and create sustainable value for our stakeholders. We aim to achieve this through a detailed Operational Excellence program, aligning structures, processes and behaviors along the value chain to enable a learning and continuously improving organization and focus on highly efficient execution of customer requirements.

4. Organization and talent

Our goal is to be the most attractive employer in the industry, thereby attracting, developing, training and retaining the best talent to meet the future challenges of the markets. This strategy is the basis for transparent and attractive prospects. Our values Excellence, Dynamism, Collaboration and Sustainability are not only formulated values but values that WE want to live.