The office of the future

Workplaces today require more flexibility, space and individuality than ever before. The reasons for this are many and varied, as are the solutions for the modern office of the future.

Anyone who sees modern office spaces from the inside is first and foremost surprised by the many space options. Not only changeable furniture makes this possible, but also adjustable walls, cubes and much more are important design aspects for the workplace. The New Work sends its regards. The important thing here is to always act within certain limits and not simply let off steam indiscriminately. What is important in Germany is to observe the legal minimum requirements for the workplace. These can be found at the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA). All the rules for workplaces are noted there. These include rules for ergonomics, movement areas, room dimensions and lighting. Anyone who adheres to the generously written rules is completely free to let off steam within these limits and design what the tape measure and the plans reveal.

New Work in the Office of the Future

And the demand is so huge that an entire industry is now concerned solely with completely redesigning workstations and equipping them accordingly. This is also urgently needed, because today’s workplaces need to be so much more than a desk and a filing cabinet. If only because, in the course of the New Work, work is being performed ever more flexibly. Not all colleagues are permanently in the office. Many work in a home office, at least on selected days of the week. If they are then at work, conferences with customers or discussions with colleagues are waiting. Here, not only space is needed, but also seating and technical equipment such as flipcharts, mobile TV walls, beamers, laptops and much more.

Come inside my cube!

Once the meetings are over, everyone wants to go back to their office. This is where movable walls come in handy, and they can even be controlled electronically. This is ideal for open-plan offices in particular, to create more workstations that can be used individually. After all, not everyone appreciates the advantages of an open-plan office. Often, the structural conditions do not allow the use of movable walls. In this case, cubes come into play. These are cubes that can simply be set up anywhere. They function as self-contained small rooms, often with their own ventilation, individual technical equipment and well insulated so that conversations do not leak out. Cubes can serve as a workplace, but also as a kitchen or a relaxation room, depending on your needs. There are now a number of providers for this, and it is worthwhile here to compare the prices as well as the individual designs and possibilities in detail.

Enjoying the office of the future with all senses

Alongside appearance, acoustics is one of the most important decision-making criteria for the design of new workplaces in the office of the future. The larger the available space, the better the concept must work. In addition to colors and walls, natural design features are preferred here, such as plants, watering holes and much more. They help to improve the air in the room, create a relaxed mood and can also cushion disturbing noises. Determining the exact locations for these takes experience. In addition to visual features, however, there is also a completely different level within which the senses are addressed. Through smells, for example. That’s why there’s also the option of adding forest scents or similar via the air conditioning system. In addition still the suitable noise scenery very discreetly bring in and possibly the suitable light select. Cold light is close to natural sunlight, which means it makes you awake and alert. Indirectly, this always works a little better, because then the light does not interfere with the work on the computer. In this way, the office of the future will not only be extremely inviting, but will also provide employees with new motivation to successfully tackle and complete projects.

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