The FLOW New Work Campus

Where New Work is to be realized, suitable workplaces are needed first and foremost. And Hamburg is now creating them, calling the large-scale project Flow. A large new building complex is being built here, the FLOW New Work Campus, with sufficient green spaces and a view of the Alster.

The commercial site on which a completely new building complex is to be built in the future measures 12,600 square meters and has been named Flow. And not without reason. Flow is exactly what is supposed to happen with the work. It is supposed to function as if by itself, simply because the workplace was designed to be so close to needs and relaxed. The major project is being implemented by Bayrische Hausbau and the Hamburg-based Matrix Group. However, it will probably take another 2 years from the groundbreaking ceremony to completion, as completion is scheduled for winter 2024.

Staying in the flow

It is already confirmed that the new quarters will then be occupied by Sysmex Europe, among others, which will act as the anchor tenant. They manufacture analytical equipment for laboratory diagnostics and offer other services. The New Work Campus will be the headquarters for the entire EMEA region, which includes Africa, Europe and the Middle East. At the same time, this means that already at the beginning of 2025, the Sysmex Europe SE central organization, its subsidiary Sesmex Deutschland GmbH, Sysmex Inostics GmbH (specializing in personalized diagnostics in the field of oncology) and the Sysmex R&D Center Europe GmbH will all share a seat at the new site. No wonder space is needed here.

In the so-called joint venture, completely new working environments are being developed in the Alsterdorf district of Hamburg. Not exclusively for the anchor tenant, because there is still plenty of space – 23,600 square meters!

The FLOW New Work Campus and its special features

But what is so special about the Flow complex? Quite simply, the unique equipment combined with the countless possibilities for modern, relaxed working at the hub of time. All work areas are designed to be flexible and open, so that their use can be changed again and again, depending on requirements. There are also plenty of open spaces with greenery so employees can relax between projects and meetings. In addition, there are plenty of parking spaces for bicycles and cars, especially some for electric cars. So they are thinking into the future and are oriented to the changing needs and desires of the new workplace.

Why this New Work location of all places for the Flow?

According to Hamburg’s urban developers, this building project could not have been better located, because it enhances the commercial area in the north of the city enormously. It also offers good transport links and a beautiful view. But the most important criterion was the space. Which is available for this mega project. A model project that is to be followed by many more throughout Europe. Incidentally, there is still some space available for other companies that would like to settle there in the future. Around 11,000 square meters are still available and are waiting for tenants who would like to be convinced of the New Work dream and find an optimal location for the realization of their projects. The creative minds behind the project hope that the joint use of the space with several companies will primarily lead to an exciting exchange and an even better flow between all participants.

Until then, planning for the move is in full swing. Ground has already been broken, now the construction project just needs to get off to a relaxed and speedy start, because there is still a lot to do. The construction workers have little of that, but for the later employees in the companies, it should be a new, very relaxed and creative workplace that awaits them.

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