New Work – For what reason?

The term “New Work” has been formed to describe the structural change within the working world. It covers all necessary and sensible changes within a company towards better structured, changeable working environments for employees. Why this is important, more on that now.

In times of increasing digitalization, it is important to adapt workplaces accordingly. The combination of new work technologies and changed work structures is causing more and more employers to think about change. New patterns are emerging, new areas of work that played no role at all just a few years ago. Home office is just one of these changes, which now suits many employees quite well. It gives them the chance to better combine work and family life. It also makes the workplace very flexible, as long as certain rules are observed. This is where new technologies come in. Video conferencing, digital work boards, clouds, etc. have made it possible to work from anywhere in the world.

Understanding New Work correctly

Nevertheless, colleagues and superiors can always see whether work goals have been achieved, and much more directly and easily than it would be possible in some cases in a real workplace. What is missing is the personal approach. Regular meetings can make up for that. In order to accomplish this, a workplace is needed that should not be based on fixed working hours, but on work goals and content. In addition, of course, it needs an appropriately set up workplace, whether at home or on the road, to be able to use the technologies. And it needs something even more important: the willingness of employees to participate in these new working worlds. And they absolutely should, because labor researchers are already certain that the future belongs to the New Work.

New Work promises happiness and success

And a future can only be shaped if old structures are dissolved. That doesn’t just mean work content and methods, it also means hierarchies. With the ease of networking and control, it is no longer necessary to build hierarchies within a company. It is much easier and more collegial when everyone works together as equals and pursues common goals. This makes people happier and more efficient. Speaking of efficiency. Work should be part of life and be understood as such. But there is also leisure time and family life. A successful work-life balance is the key to an employee’s happiness, and a happy employee is in turn valuable for the company. The term “new leadership” has proven itself in this context, because it most aptly describes what is behind the dissolution of hierarchies. A new form of corporate leadership, a greater sense of togetherness and thus a greater prospect of success.

Thanks to New Work to a New Life

Finding a New Life through these principles of New Work is the basic idea behind the entire movement. And it is long overdue, because more and more employees are no longer satisfied at their jobs. The dissolution of these jobs due to the need for change in the course of the current situation are a good incentive to stay on the ball now and work on establishing New Work in an even more targeted manner and implementing it together with everyone involved. This is the only way to make it work. The changeover does not have to begin within a few days, but should be seen as a process that naturally always requires an individual plan of action. After all, every company is different and has to go through different processes. That’s why New Work should always be seen as a building block in this process, an idea for change, however it can be implemented in concrete terms. For those who still need help in this process, there is help on the way to a better way of working together, involving all resources and forces. Coaches for the implementation of successful digitization in the workplace have long since recognized the need and offer their services.

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