Telescoping – Faster, more efficient and higher quality on site

The telescoping of construction processes is both a consequence and the main benefit of the real Group Design & Build philosophy. Telescoping means allowing the classic sequential project steps to run partly in parallel. Complex construction projects require the coordinated interaction of several trades, planners and executing contractors. Success is based on the earliest possible cooperation between client, construction and planning engineers. This fusion of planning and execution is significantly superior to sequential project development via tenders. In this way, costs, the fastest possible completion and coherence of results can be achieved and explicitly guaranteed at the same time.

Fastest possible project time through telescoping

The elimination of interdependent bidding processes accelerates and is an important component of the real telescoping of construction projects. Sophisticated templates, proven Building Information Modeling and thus secure processes and milestone management ensure the fastest project times. Telescoping is based on partnership with interdisciplinary teams that accompany the project cycle from A to Z. The time efficiency is not created by the interaction of the team players. Also and above all the invisible hand of the convincing project management stands here godfather. real stands in the total context for experience of many years, handicraft conversion quality and engineer-technical know-how in the reorganization measures like in the new building range.

Telescoping saves construction costs

Compared to classic tendering procedures and working with different parties, experience has shown that we save up to 30 percent. By holding and responding to all services from planning as a general contractor, we can guarantee and maintain fixed prices. Bringing the construction teams together under one aegis leads to contract security and complete control of budget and schedule. The consolidation of execution planning and work & assembly planning saves additional costs.

Optimal interface management – best possible project quality

Professional telescoping requires experienced project managers. real customers benefit from processes that have been perfected over decades and the experience gained from countless projects in medium-sized companies and at group level. Cooperating teams of planners and experienced trades have often been working together for years. This is how we avoid friction losses as much as possible. The responsible players consistently work together and often side by side. And communication, the most important connecting element, is coordinated and goal-oriented. Sophisticated Building Information Modeling, or BIM for short, ensures consistent process quality right through to handover of the keys.

Design & Build & Telescoping

As long-standing experts in the design & build process, we stand for all the benefits that result from this guiding principle. The bundling of competencies that results for us in the context of design & build harbors a multitude of absolutely convincing benefit arguments for clients. At real Group, customers benefit from a single point of contact with a professional team of experts. This leads to contractual security with an overview of all services, a guaranteed fixed price, and clear deadlines and time limits on all sides. At the end of the project, there is an invoice that is detailed and comprehensible.


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